TAX FREE RETIREMENT-Rescue Your Retirement Savings

If you own IRA’s or other tax deferred accounts, you have a huge tax problem!

You need to rescue your retirement savings by moving them from accounts that are forever taxed into accounts that are never taxed!

I recommend that you over-fund an IUL Life Insurance Policy in order to create a Tax Free Retirement!

Life insurance may be the single biggest underused strategy to protect large retirement account balances from becoming decimated at the highest level of taxation.

Most people don’t understand how life insurance works as an effective retirement tool, so seek out a knowledgeable advisor.

Life insurance can fix lots of money and retirement problems and even create wealth and tax free wealth

Let me tell you why I believe that life insurance is the biggest missing piece in most people’s retirement and estate plans.

The tax exemption for life insurance is the single biggest benefit in the tax code.

Ed Slott, CPA

Is a financial expert in the United States. He is an author and public speaker providing training in IRAs and retirement distribution planning.

Ed Slott was named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal and called “America’s IRA Expert” by Mutual Funds Magazine. He is a nationally recognized IRA-distribution expert, professional speaker, and the creator of several public television specials, including the most recent, Ed Slott’s Retirement Road Map!


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