Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg Every Year No Matter What Is Going On In the Stock and Real Estate Market™

What Makes Ponder Financial Better

Ponder Financial is not an Asset Management Firm, but a Strategy Based Firm that teaches proven and time tested Strategies, Secrets and Solutions of the Super Rich and Affluent, by offering its clients private one-on-one coaching, consultation and financial education in the areas of Estate Preservation, Tax Secrets, Strategies and Solutions, Asset Protection, College Funding, Business Planning, Mortgage Strategies, Tax Free Retirement, Charitable Gifting, Wealth and Income Creation and the 8 Laws of Banking™ and this is accomplished through our proprietary Personal Wealth Evaluation™ which is a Simple 3-Step Process.

  1. Assessment (Information)
  2. Consultation (Education)
  3. Restructuring (Decision)

After 24 years we have discovered that the majority of client’s personal and financial goals do not match their current retirement accounts and investments, because they started wrong. Most, if not all of the current professionals that they trusted have no strategic plan in place to benefit you as the investor, which creates unresolved problems. At your Free consultation you will learn about the 5 biggest unresolved problems an investor has.

Why You Can Trust Ponder Financial

Dr. Craig Ponder has been with his wife Dr. Darlene, since age 19 (35 years) an has been an Entrepreneur for 42 years, his son Dr. Craig Jr., has worked alongside his father since the age of 17 (12 years), his youngest son Matthew, also works in the family firm, after graduating from a private college with his degree in Marketing handles all of our marketing and public relations. The Ponder Financial Firm is not just a business, but a Family Business! We have positioned ourselves generationally to help provide financial security to the families we work with. Dr. Ponder and his family also love God, have moral and spiritual convictions which let them strive for a higher standard of excellence. Dr. Ponder has himself suffered personal hardships, and these life experiences is what gives them their passion to help others.

Ponder Financial will customize and design a strategic plan to PROTECT, MULTIPLY & PRIVATIZE YOUR WEALTH!

We Specialize and Intentionally Educate Our Clients How To:

  • Have A Tax Free Retirement!
  • Convert Your Taxable (IRA) Accounts Into Tax Free Accounts!
  • Maximize Your Social Security Benefits!
  • Set Up A “Family Legacy Bank!”
  • Reduce and Eliminate Taxes On Your RMD’s!
  • Set Up Your Living Trust Right, and Protect and Preserve Your Estate!
  • Protect Your Assets from a Lawsuit, Judgments, Creditors or Unwanted Family Members!
  • Turn Your House into a Bank and Create an EXTRA $1 Million!
  • Invest In the Secondary Market Earning 5-17%, Without Paying Money Management Fees!
  • Business Owners Can Fund and Finance Their Retirement!