Why Women Are Responsible Over Family Finances

According to the National Center for Women and Retirement Research, 90 percent of women will be solely responsible for their financial situation at some point in their lives. Are you prepared for this?

Money has long been a male-dominated undertaking, but now, a resounding number of women might be putting that stereotype to rest for good — at least when it comes to managing finances in the household.

In a June survey conducted by Ameriprise, 41 percent of women said that they make their financial decisions alone, and 37 percent considered themselves the primary manager of finances for their households.

When it comes to managing key investments, big-ticket purchases, mortgage payments and the like, mothers, wives and girlfriends are becoming the household chief financial officers over their male counterparts. And it’s not just a trend within the U.S.; women across the world are taking the financial lead, and they’re more than happy to accept the responsibility.

It is our desire to assist you in navigating this oftentimes overwhelming aspect of life, regardless of your situation today. At Ponder Financial Firm, our goal is to help women take a more active role with their financial futures through education and preventative action.

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